Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inlaws piss me off

Oh god I am having one of those days today.

My mother in law just wont let up, she keeps on at me. Everything I do today is wrong, or not the "Japanese' way. Just because I live here dosent mean I have to follow all their rules. Does it?

Mother in law keeps telling me that Naoto is meant to have teeth by now but he hasnt got any. Yet. I am sure they will come through though. Why does she care? She is not going to get bitten by him, I will when I breastfeed though as he still loves the breast.

He is only 6 months for gods sake. Why does she worry about that? She also tries to get me to give him powdered milk. I always heard breast is best, but she doesnt think so. I think though if I give him powdered milk that will give her an excuse to take him away from me. Thats what she wants, I know it. Because she thinks I am an unfit mother.

Life sucks. I wish Toshi was at home more. Even when he is on the road he rarely messages me.

Today is one of those days I really want to leave and go home anf forget about this stupid nightmare life.

I dont even know if things wuld be changed if we had our own place becaue I would still be on my own, still be lonely.



  1. Hello Lonely Wife in Nagoya. Thanks for dropping by my blog before. You sound very alone and very frustrated. It must be really tough not having your husband around and with a small baby. I don't live anywhere near Nagoya but I hope you will find some other foreign mothers to spend time with. Are you a member of Married In Japan? - It's for any women who are married to Japanese men and can help you to find out lots of info about useful things in your area and even things like play groups. It's also a great place to learn about how to manage you MIL better etc.
    In the mean time, I guess you should just say "hai hai" and ignore her if you don't agree with her advice. :) For lack of a better word right now, I will say: Gambare! and Take care.

  2. You wrote this quite some time ago... are things better now?