Sunday, November 22, 2009


I guess I should introduce myself abit.

I live in Nagoya with my 6 month old boy, Naoto, my husband Toshi and his parents (((frown))). Toshi works away alot and I am left with his parents continually, just me and Naoto.

It got old really quickly let me tell you.

Its not an ideal situation at all, in fact I really hate it.

But what can I do. At the moment we dont have the money to move out so I have to stay put. Only thing is that his parents make me crazy and they contstantly try to tell me how to raise Naoto.

I might be in Japan but I am not willing to do these crazy old traditions like they want me to!

Also. Its so lonely here. I dont know any other english people so I am stuck with Japanese people always. I just about pull my hair out some days out of frustration.

I really hate Nagoya its not where I want to live. I would rather go to Tokyo but Toshi got a job here out of school and obviously his parents live here so I am stuck here too.

Toshi is a truck driver and does long haul trips so I see him about once or twice a week if I am lucky.

Franckly my life sucks. I am not really sure how to change it. I am stuck in this situation and dont know what to do. I have thought about divorce because I dont want to be in this situation for the rest of my life.

I love Naoto but some days I feel as if I could leave him behind and go home. I just dont feel as if I am myself here. And if I could go home maybe I could leave it behind like a bad dream.

Even my baby doesnt look like me so I dont feel as if something is holding me here but I have to make the effort to leave and at the moment I have no effort inside of me to leave.

Make sense.

Its a rather sad post I know.

At the moment I have nothing psoitive to say. Sad huh.

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  1. hello there! i am surfing in from vicky (in hokkaido)'s blog. i hope that blogging will really help you with your loneliness and frustration! i know i definitely couldn't live with my MIL! :(

    do you know about AFWJ? there is a yearly fee, but it's a great organization and will introduce you to other foreign wives in your area.